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The LITE is designed for those social riders with an average daily distances of 60km and elevation of 1200m . The fact that you can rub shoulders with the pros and ride a common route for at least 70% of the time makes the LITE category extremely appealing.

Be warned however – once the Prudential PE PLETT bug has bitten, the TOUGH will be on your radar for the next year.

DAY 1: 75km | 1484m

Kurland – Tsitsikamma

It’s hard to find a more prestigious start venue for the 8th staging of Prudential PE PLETT, than Kurland Polo Fields, the gateway to the Otters Trail

The journey will see the LITE and TOUGH routes split right after the start. The TOUGH begin shredding their way down the SANParks single track of Salt River whilst the LITE go straight on the R102 to join up with the TOUGH. From here it is another big drop off into the beautiful Natures Valley and a long and #consistent tar climb out of the Groot Rivier Pass followed immediately by the magnificent Bloukrans Pass.

The tar is finally over and you are into some sublime, newly built single track through the Tsitsikamma Forest into Storms River Village finally concluding at our signature village for the Prudential PE PLETT, namely Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure.

Once arrived, the adventure for Day 1 is far from over. There is the offer from Dennis and his team of an afternoon of Zip Lining (3 lines of 800 meters to be exact). Hot showers, free beer & wine coupled with an intimate village vibe round off a great first day.

DAY 2: 72km | 1407m

Tsitsikamma – Suiderland

Departing Tsitsikamma we are back into the forests of MTO and the TOUGH head down to the peninsula of Robbehoek while the LITE riders take a “shortcut” rejoining just before the beautiful Regyne Protea Farms.

Oudebosch Farm stall is the 1st Waterhole point and straight after we head into the Tsitsikamma range and our KOM climb. Each year we add a new piece of single track onto the contour lines of the MTO foresty, the 2020 event will see an additional 6km of single track being carved out. The village of Suiderland awaits and our newly decorated shed will be a welcome site as we bring the Day 2 journey to an end.

DAY 3: 67km | 1208m

Suiderland – Zuurbron

Day 3 breaks as we head out through the dairy farms descending into the Churchill Dam ravine, ensure you #KeepTheCadence over the numerous shallow river crossings. The remainder of the route sees 200 bikes traverse the Humansdorp farms, while in the distance, the Happy Valley KOM awaits.

The views stretch for miles with J-Bay and Oyster Bay offering a picturesque photo opportunity. Upon your exit at Zwartenbosch Golf Course we tackle the single tracks of Helgat and onto the Misgund Pass. The village of Zuurbron is a fine way to the end the day as Farmer Jacques opens his tracks, sheds and fields to the Prudential PE PLETT entourage year after year. There are 2 diversions for the LITE on Day 3 with the big one being the Happy Valley climb.

DAY 4: 53km | 658m

Zuurbron – Crossways

The journey to Crossways is a flat-out home run day, as all will navigate the Zuurbron single track for 15km before descending into the Gamtoos Valley. The old Train bridge awaits with our 1st Waterhole point at Loerie, a truly welcome relief.

The LITE and TOUGH split as the TOUGH tackle the infamous Black Porcupine climb, this runs through Longmore Forests whilst the LITE do the old tar Loerie climb. The famous 3 Rivers Bike Park awaits for the LITE journey onto the single track train line section and the TOUGHriders plummet down the Ox Wagon flow trail for a world class downhill to the Crossways Finish line, in search of some chilled Windhoek lager at the final prize giving.


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