E-Bike category at the M&G Investments PE PLETT

With the growing demand for E-bikes in South Africa, we thought it was only right to introduce an E-Bike category to the M&G Investments PE PLETT

The M&G Investments PE PLETT now has its own E-Bike class and we already have riders looking forward to the adventure and the awesome journey through state forests, 4 Bike parks and private farms as we weave our way from PE >> Plett over 4 mind blowing days. It’s not a Race but a ride so the onus is on you to get through to the end .

How it works:

  • You have your very own E Bike class
  • We have 1 Battery swop-out station en route; Waterpoint 2 each day. (Optional but not essential)
  • Battery charging station in village each night
  • Choice of Solo or Team.
  • Team entry – 1 rider can ride with a traditional bike, you won’t feature in the results.

Having an extra battery is not essential. Riders can conserve and run on economy mode to ensure they make it to the end with some juice to spare. Check out the routes by clicking here to plan your strategy.

Our focus is fun and with all beer and wine sponsored, live music, great food. Really is a ride with a vibe.


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