The Prudential PE PLETT is excited to announce that Mugg & Bean have come on board to supply all our riders with delicious lunch every day of this unique journey. Dinners and breakfasts are provided every day by the local farmers, cause Local Is Lekker!

The crispy Cajun folded Filler

The Crispy Cajun, sliced Cajun-crumbed chicken breasts, cream cheese, fresh avo*, spring onion, fresh tomato & rocket, finished off with jalapeƱo mayo. 

Mac & Cheese Pots

Just one of the many meals that will be available to help all riders recover after a hard but rewarding day on the bike. Don’t worry about coming in late, there is plenty go round!

Eco Cup Filter Coffee

Available before and after each stage on the Prudential PE PLETT, there is no better way to wake up every morning than with a strong cup of Mug & Bean brew to get you on your journey!



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