We at the Prudential PE PLETT have decided to up our offerings to all riders who have done this truly unique event 5 times. 

Apart from receiving over R2000.00 in official PE PLETT merchandise by merely entering the 2020 Prudential PE PLETT. We are also creating unique merchandise and one of a kind race apparel for our Hippo riders.

A Hippo rider is any rider who has taken part in the Prudential PE PLETT, 5 or more times. The list is growing and it’s no easy task to finish this unique journey over 5 times. That’s why we have decided to create a limited set of, Hippo First Ascent jackets, valued at R1000. These jackets will be added to the already plentiful race bag received at registration for the 2020 Prudential PE PLETT.

Entries to the 2020 event are still open and the Team entry fee is going up to R14900 on the 1st of November!


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