As organizers of PEPLETT race we're proud of our sponsors.

Title Sponsor


At Prudential Investment Managers we help our clients achieve their financial goals by protecting and growing their savings over time. Since our founding in 1994, we have consistently followed the same valuation-based approach to investing, a formula that has proven to work time and time again.   For the last three years we have won the top Morningstar award for our fund performance, recognised as South Africa’s best Large Fund House. We are immensely proud that our clients have entrusted us to manage over R240 billion in assets on their behalf, ranking us as one of the 10 largest asset managers in South Africa. To find out more, please visit our website at www.prudential.co.za.

Logistics Partner


The Eastern Cape Motor Group is one of the largest privately owned Motor Groups in South Africa. They have been trusted by motorists since 1985 with all of their motoring needs.

They offer you a very comprehensive range of products and services, focused on sales, servicing and parts for Ford, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar, Mazda and Nissan. Their value and prices are exceptionally competitive and specials are unbeatable!

ECM are onboard with Prudential PE Plett to assist us in moving our riders, crew and equipment.

Sponsors Beverages and Food

Isuzu Trucks PEPlett - sponsor woodlands dairyWoodlands Dairy was originally conceived in 1995 as a packaging plant for the milk produced on Woodlands Farm, owned by the Gutsche family. Today Woodlands Dairy is one of the largest manufacturers of Long Life (UHT) Milk in South Africa, marketed under the FIRST CHOICE ® brand name. An additional line, our Extended Shelf Life (ESL) chilled dairy products, have a longer life than standard pasteurized products. Our other Long Life (UHT) products , under the FIRST CHOICE ® Brand, include Custard, Cream, Velvet Vanilla & Chocolate Dessert, Flavoured Milk and Jelly!

Isuzu Trucks PEPlett - sponsor African PrideAfrican Pride  is a local lekker new meat range that is taking the Eastern Cape by storm. The range is packed by Lentaba Meat (Previously EPLA) which is Port Elizabeth based and has been supplying the trade for the past 60 Years. African pride has an extensive range of meat products, including the very best biltong and drywors. We pride ourselves on quality and produce only the most smaaklike lekker products. Our products are available throughout the Eastern Cape as well as the Garden Route.
Follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page @AfricanPrideMeats.

Isuzu Trucks PEPlett - sponsors USN

 Ultimate Sports Nutrition (USN)

The USN PUREFIT SERIES has been developed with the finest performance-enhancing nutrients to keep the endurance athlete’s systems optimally fuelled and recovered. This range is all the more appealing to those who are conscious about what they put into their bodies, is that the PUREFIT SERIES contains no artificial colourants, flavourants, sweeteners or preservatives, all of which may negatively influence performance, recovery and adaptation to activities.



Keeping you hydrated is our job.  Working on your game is yours.  We do what we need to do so you can do what you have to.

To achieve your best performance during exercise, you need to keep your body hydrated, and if you're doing prolonged, intense exercise, water is simply not enough.  Powerade® contains sodium, which helps your body more effectively retain and use the fluid you've drunk to help prevent dehydration.  

Isuzu Trucks PEPlett - sponsor tsitsikammchrystal

Today Tsitsikamma Crystal Spring Water CC operates from tailor-made premises and the business has diversified into an entity that not only bottles still, sparkling and flavoured water, but also manufactures its own bottles and preforms.

Windhoek South Africa started with two friends buying a few breweries in Namibia in 1920, and over the years grew into one of the largest, most successful beer producers not only on the continent but in the world.
Windhoek variants Draught, Lager and Light achieved international gold standard for ten years running - a testament to its premium quality.


Bike care and lube

As one of Port Elizabeth’s oldest and most established bicycle shops, Action Cycles has been supplying Port Elizabeth’s cycling community with the world’s most trusted bicycle brands and providing unmatched technical services for over 25 years.

For our Home Grown race, namely the Prudential PE PLETT, what better than to have Garth, Dave and their team of hot mechanics looking after all your needs over the 4 days.

Call +27 (0)41 581 6499 or email office@actioncycles.co.za

Squirt Chain Lube is the official bicycle chain lubricant for Prudential PEPlett.

It lubricates better, stays on the chain longer and keeps the chain clean. It is a wax based, long lasting dry chain lube that does not contain harmful solvents, is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.   The various waxes with unique properties are ideal for any cycling condition.   Squirt Chain Lube was developed to lubricate over longer distances and keep the chain clean, for both mountain biking and road cycling.

Squirt Cycling Products also produce a concentrated biodegradable bike cleaner (Squirt Bike Cleaner®), a long lasting application for skin protection on endurance events (Squirt Barrier Balm®), a puncture sealant that will seal every air leak or puncture (SquirtSEAL®), and a highly functional sweat removal device (SweatSucker® and SLURP®), and the first high-end chains on the market to be pre-lubed and sold ‘ready to use,’ (Squirt Coated Chain®). Visit Squirt Cycling Products on Facebook.


EasyBike will join us for the first time this year providing GPS Backup and Support to all riders for the event. They are the GPS Guru’s and have been involved with GPS Navigation for a number of different events for a few years now. If you have any GPS related queries or are looking to purchase a GPS for the event checkout their website - www.easybike.co.za


Isuzu Trucks PEPlett - sponsor cape pineCape Pine nurtures, tends and harvests extensive tracts of forest from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. We hold a deep love and respect for the forest, in a tradition of South African woodcutters which can be traced back over 150 years. Our forests don't represent a commodity, but a perpetual ecosystem. And through our long-term commitment the quality of our wood, and our trees will be sustained for decades to come.
On average we plant three pine seedlings every minute of every day, throughout the year so when you find the badge 'eco-timber' or 'enviro-timber' on our wood, you know it's been earned.

We are also passionate about sharing this beautiful and unique environment. We offer outdoor activities like hiking, biking, fishing, so you can come experience the forest we love for yourself!
We manage the six day, 60Km long Tsitsikamma Mountain Trail as well. A favorite with many hikers.

www.capepine.co.za    www.mtoecotourism.co.za