Route 2017

Day 1: Kurland to Tsitsikamma

You could not ask for a more beautiful start venue for the 6th FedGroup PEPLETT than Kurland in the Crags.

The journey to Storms River Adventure Village will see the LITE and TOUGH routes split right after the start. The TOUGH will tackle the single track of SAN PARKS through Salt River and up to the summit of Grootrivier pass whilst the LITE will do an easy tar road start on the R102, rejoining the TOUGH route at the top of the Pass. It’s a beautiful single track plummet to Natures valley and then up and over.  Next on route is the Bloukrans Pass designed around the Elephant migration trail and it is truly magnificent to say the least.

It’s the same route for the LITE and TOUGH as the field enter Witteklip in SANPARKS and the 2nd waterhole at Storms River Village will recharge your batteries for the last leg home. Once through the gravel pass of Storms River the TOUGH again splits from the LITE and heads through Cape Pine jeep and single track back to the coast whilst the LITE takes a more direct route through Blue Lillies Bush where the Finish line at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure Village awaits.

A sumptuous lunch, massage, bike wash, hot shower, free beer and wine and the opportunity to zipline the gorge are just some of the offerings at the end of Day 1.

Day 2: Tsitsikamma to Soloko

The TOUGH follows the route from the Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures into the Kwaaibrand single track. They will continue through some awesome jeep tracks in the Cape Pine forests, moving to the magnificent Robbehoek viewpoint overlooking the rocky coastline of the Indian Ocean. The LITE takes a more direct route and re-joins the TOUGH riders in the Regyne Protea Farm.

It’s a climb over the Tsitsikamma range through DAFF property and an awesome single track downhill into the R62 town of Kareedouw.

From Kareedouw the TOUGH and LITE will climb up into the Zuurveld on a single track and then a fast downhill on the regional road into Soloko Game Farm.  This is an easier finish than previous years and will be appreciated by all.

Most of the land is privately owned and is only being used for mountain biking during PEPLETT.

The Finish line at Soloko Game Farm awaits. USN recovery zone, Woodlands Dairy milks, free beer and wine all to be enjoyed in the pool or next to the camp fires.

Day 3: Soloko to Zuurbron

We will exit Soloko and the TOUGH will go into Wittedriff game farm with a few rocky steep climbs to warm up the legs. The LITE has a more relaxed start on gravel road and jeep track. Both tracks will end up at Agter Nek where the local farmer Daan welcomes us back every year.

Traversing Jeep tracks and animal paths on Agter Nek farm will take you through 3 game farms and across the beautiful Suurveld.

The PEPLETT team are doing a lot of work on this route and cutting new trails. It is renowned as the Queens Stage and is the toughest of all 4 days.

While enjoying the beautiful views you will wind your way across the Kouga Mountains into the Hankey area, where you’ll end the day with a lovely bit of single track downhill into Zuurbron.

Our overnight village will be at the new Zuurbron bike park.

Day 4: Zuurbron to Crossways

Day 4 and the home Run to the Crossways finish line begins with some new handcrafted single track courtesy of Farmer Jacques. It’s all downhill for 15km run as we descend into the Gamtoos Valley.

What goes down must go up as you enter the awesome Longmore Forest jeep tracks with vistas of Jeffreys Bay and St Francis making it all worthwhile.

The route takes the LITE riders only half way up and they split onto the 3 Rivers trails and some of the best MTB single track one could wish for. The single track of Purple Cow, Black Porcupine and Yellow Monkey will make the finish at Crossways a memorable one. The TOUGH continue the climb and a massive descent onto 3 River trails joining the LITE route some 8km out will blow you away.

It’s a 4-day Roller Coaster ride of the most varied and diverse mountain biking one could wish for and is an Adventure of note…. One not to be missed !!!