Unwritten rules of Single Track

As much as the organisers try to position a race of this magnitude as fun and adventurous, there remains a need for rules. These rules are mainly created for your own safety and enjoyment.

The ride-of-way principal applies to single track and any challenging sections. 

Ride-of-Way – this is a very simple concept that should apply to all fair mountain bikers all over the planet:

To view the full list of rules, go to Cycling SA's website:
- Race Info Rules

- If you are walking on a section because it is too technical or you are too tired you must give way to those riding.

- If you are behind a slower rider - ask nicely to pass but don't make them panic and fall. We are all here for a good time. Keep it nice and chilled and nobody will get hurt.

- If you are a man and she is a woman, try not to be too bitter about the fact that you are being beaten but pull off the side of the road and wish her well.

- Give Way – if there is a faster rider behind you try to find a safe place to let him or her pass you.

- If you are behind someone pushing simply ask for ride of way.

Big New Rule

From 1 Jan 2016 riders caught for doping and convicted will face a lifetime ban from PEPlett with no exception. Riders who were banned before this date will be able to ride as we cannot undo the hazy past but we can try be part of a clean future.


Substitution can be done without charge till 30 November 2019, thereafter you'll be charged R150 per person.

Any substitution of a substitute, will incur the charge of R150 per substitution, regardless of when the substitution was/is requested.


Riders wanting to cancel need to do so IN WRITING  by 30 June 2019 to receive an full refund, otherwise the following applies:

  • 75% of entry fee will be refunded if written notice is received before 30 August 2019.
  • 50% of the entry fee will be refunded if written notice is received before 31 October 2019
  • 0% will be refunded if written notice is received after 1 November 2019
  • No refunds available on extras booked