Packing List

Biking gear


 4 sets of cycling shorts and tops  
 Wind breaker  
 Sun/mud glasses  
 4 sets of cycling socks  
 Cycling shoes  
 Hydration pack with space for spares, cell phone in zipplock,  
 Riding snacks: favorite energy bars, gels and snacks etc.  
 Heart rate monitor, bike computer (optional)  
 Slime, Stan’s  
 bomb and adaptor  
 patch kit  
 Gators, pump  
 Brake pads  
 drop out  
 Cable ties  
 duct tape  
 Bike wash kit  
 lube (squirt)  
 Combination bike cable lock  

Personal stuff

 Sleeping bag,  
 Torch / headlight  
 Personal toiletries  
 Sun block  
 Mosquito Repellent  
 Casual clothes  
 Disposable camera  
 Washing powder  


Important stuff

  • Cell Phones: Please I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) your phone and enter the emergency contact details
  • First Aid Kit: Foil survival blanket, three first aid dressings, five adhesive first aid plasters and sun block
  • Hydration Packs and bottles: These need to have a capacity of 1,5 liters
  • Storage and security 1: We offer the facility of a ‘bike park’ with 24 hour staffed security. Your bike must be stored here after you have washed and serviced it. It is strongly advised to bring a bike cable and combination lock for additional security for your bike overnight.
  • Storage and security 2: Despite our best efforts to safeguard your property, the race cannot be held responsible for any loss of bikes, components or accessories. Bike parks are not undercover so bikes will get wet in the event of rain.


Before the race

Maintenance: Get to know your bike intimately so that you can detect and remedy even the smallest fault before it becomes a major problem. Bring with you your own “perishables” as stated in the list.

Various bike shops will provide repairs and servicing in the race villages. Replacement parts will be sold at normal retail prices. Only clean bikes will be accepted for service.



Do not bring valuables to the race. We cannot take responsibility for valuables lost during the course of the event. Your race-issued box (100ltr) is the only item that we will transport for you between stage locations.

You therefore need to fit all your personal belongings required during the race into this box (including your sleeping bag/sheets/pillow).