No Hassle

for all Out-of-Towners

Here's the deal ...

  1.   We will pick you up at the PE Airport on Wednesday and transfer you to Start at the Kurland Polo Field.  Our shuttle leaves at 12pm
  2.   Tented Accommodation at Kurland - please bring your own bedding.
  3.   All meals, namely Supper (Wednesday) and Breakfast (Thursday) at Kurland.
  4.   On Sunday after the Crossways Finish,  we will transfer you back to PE airport for connecting flights.




This whole package for only

R 1500 (VAT incl) each ...

Now that's a deal!

Please Note:  You'll have to arrive in PE on 5 February by 10:30 and please make sure to book your outbound flight on the 9th of February after 15:00.


Please let us know if you will be flying with your bike or sending it separately.