Sport massages - a very needed service

Gill Williams owns and run Sports Massage Therapists and Event Massage Services. As well as being qualified in Sports Massage and certified in Kinesio taping. She also has a Massage Academy where she teaches the correct and latest massage techniques.

She has been providing teams of qualified and experienced therapists from various disciplines to sporting events for over 7 years. Massages are important and one of the most soothing experiences of an event. Studies have shown that massage increases recovery and improves performance in multi-stage events.

- Let’s not forget that it also feels great -

Services and Prices

At the 2019 event she will have a team of qualified professionals travelling along the route, this will include a Physiotherapist, Biokineticist and Sports Massage Therapists.

Each Sports Massage Therapist will take care of your individual massage needs and refer you to our Physiotherapist for more serious injuries and assessments.

There will be qualified therapists who will be available to tape and strap injuries at each race village.

* Pre-book to secure your spot
* R300 per day for 30min massage - includes Free Strapping and Taping & Use of foam rollers and stretching area

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