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Johannesburg & Surrounds

Bicycle Transport

Do you worry when they take your bike apart when you give it in for transportation to a race that something might be wrong when your collect it again .... then Bicycle Transport is the way to go!

We transport bikes from Pretoria and Johannesburg to major races all over South Africa, providing a unique service to all South African cyclists and have set the bar when it comes to personal attention to each bike transported. We have an unique "roll in roll out" system and it is not necessary to take your bicycle apart.

Based in Pretoria, Bicycle Transport only specializes in the transportation of bicycles. We can ensure any cyclist who entrusts their bicycle into our capable hands receives the highest level of professionalism, quality and care in the transportation of one of their most prized possessions.


Cost per bike: R 1200


PE Plett | bycicle transport joggie

Cape Town & Western Cape

Cape Cycle Transporters

One of the preferred Transporters

Pricing :

Cost per bike: R 900 return CPT


Chris Niehaus