Prudential commits to PE Plett 2020

Red Cherry & Prudential partner again ...

Hi adventurers

“Let’s sign for a year and see how the partnership progresses…” were the words of Prudential Investment Managers’ Marketing Manager, Grayson Rainier, when taking the leap of faith into the mountain bike arena as Title Sponsor of the PE PLETT in 2019.

“After a remarkable four days following the cyclists along the beautiful route at the 2019 Prudential PE Plett, it was an easy decision for us to extend our partnership with the Red Cherry team.  They put on a world-class event from start to finish, ensuring cyclists were well taken care of both pre-, during and post-race each day. The route is second to none, but it was really the comradery along the route that made the event so special to be a part of.  For Prudential, success in investing is achieved in a very similar way to that of completing a tough MTB stage race – you need to be consistent and #KeepTheCadence, which makes this race such a great fit for us” says Grayson.

"From an organisers perspective, to have a sponsor like Prudential who looked at unique ways to leverage their involvement and in so doing add value to our flagship event, was a breath of fresh air. They came into the sponsorship determined to make it work for both parties and the introduction of the Prudential Boost Coffee station, the pillow drops, mementos the riders received once home, etc.  all created those unique touches" says Mike Glover, CEO of Red Cherry Adventures.

With the Prudential PE PLETT being awarded UCI status and attracting a star studded field, PE PLETT is on the up and will once again become a “Sold Out” event … In these tough times there are not many races who can make this kind of claim.

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